Driving an old Toyota FJ40 from the other side of Adelaide to Perth (2900Km) in the middle of summer with no aircon.

Driving an old Toyota FJ40 from the other side of Adelaide to Perth (2900Km) in the middle of summer with no aircon.

My Story - A first hand account.

Raised on farms in Victoria and South Australia, I was all too often left to my own devices and probably allowed far too much freedom as a child to roam the bush and farmlands, test my tolerance of electric fences, be chased by angry cows (cows kill more people every year than sharks... just say'n), play with dangerous reptiles and generally behave in a rather rapscallion manner. 

At seventeen, I enlisted into the army and have since deployed overseas multiple times. The army has provided some definite highlights in my life, I've been shot at, set on fire, nearly blown up, almost lost an eye in a freak boating accident and some guy with TB tried to stab me once; yeah the army can be a lot of fun at times.

As a result of my upbringing and initial career path, I am still haunted by the allures of adventure, the wilds with their tall peaks, steep creeks and all of the dangers within. These adventures I hunger for have never been sated and with a teasing taste for the unknown; I continue to wander a path paved by opened chances and guided by willing feet; the desire to bring you the moments that cross paths with me. 

From my formative years learning my way around a dark room, processing negatives and then joining the army; to more recent adventures like photographing the people of Afghanistan (and occasionally being shot at) and capturing the immenseness that is Tokyo or the serenity of Nikko. I am a jack of all trades, yet a master of none, a maxim which I take into my photography as strive to bring you those unique moments in life otherwise forgotten to the haze of memory.

I have travelled across Australia numerous times riding motorcycles and driving cars (some more death trap than automobile), jumped out of perfectly serviceable aircraft, patrolled through East Timor during the upheaval that was unleashed in late 1999 and 2000 (where I was once again occasionally shot at), rock climbed through the Blue Mountains, scaled the Harz Mountains in Germany during their coldest winter in twenty years and have been diving in Thailand where I also did some more trekking through the Golden Triangle into Burma and Laos (thankfully no one was shooting at me this time). My pursuit for new experiences continually pushes me to evolve both personally and professionally, while it constantly reminds me of the importance in living not only for myself but for those around me.

I currently live in Japan with my wife Yuko, our daughter Juliè and our dog Kaiserin until 2015; upon which we will return to Australia.

Duncan Wallis

Duncan Wallis has travelled to many different countries during his life. After taking up photography as a teenager, he enlisted into the army at the age of seventeen with the desire to see as much of Australia as he could.

As a result of his service, Duncan has not only travelled throughout Australia but he has also been on multiple deployments that have taken him to many different countries, as well as many more through his own personal travel. Having lived in four countries and visited over twenty more, he has been able to capture many wonderful moments in time and continues to do so as he travels the world.

Duncan normally resides in Australia, however he is currently located in Japan until 2015 where he has taken a year of long service leave after his last deployment in Afghanistan to be with his wife and young daughter. 


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My beautiful wife Yuko and our daughter Juliè.